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Ditto Coffee



Origin       :  San Ignacio, Peru
Producer  :  Maximiliano Garcia
Variety      :  Geisha
Process     :  Washed
Altitude    :  1720 masl
Tasting Note of:
Floral | Pineapple | Blackcurrant

This lot is from Maximiliano Garcia, who is one of the most respected growers around El Huabo in San Ignacio, northern Peru. On Garmas, Maximilano's farm there are 4 hectares of coffee plants, consisting on mainly Red and Yellow Caturra, as well as Parainema and Gesha amongst others.

This particular lot is a gesha, which has undergone a 24 hour dry fermentation before being washed, rinsed and then dried, a process utilising a parabolic dryer and shade nets to control the process. This typically takes 15-20 days.

In the cup you'll find flavour notes of tropical fruit, like pineapple, blackcurrant and floral characteristics. Expect a high intensity and complexity.

Pre-order Closing Date: 17th Sept
Tentative Arrival : 25th Sept

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