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Ditto Coffee



Origin       :  Gedeb, Ethiopia
Producer  :  Tariku Mangesha
Variety      :  Heirloom
Process     : Natural
Altitude    :  1950 masl
Tasting Note of:
Mango Milkshake | Red Berries | Fruity & Round

Tariku Mengesha is the sole owner and produced this natural coffee entirely on his farms, the farm is located throughout the Banko Chelchele kebele (neighbourhood) of Gedeb woreda, south of Yirgacheffe and just west of the bulgy border with the vast Oromia region.

Tariku applied the basic agronomic practices and keep the field free of any weeds, grows pulse crops in his coffee field so as to maintain the fertility of the soil. He also does the pruning practices with technical help from Technoserve and district Agricultural experts.

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