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Ditto Coffee



Origin       :  Hacienda La Papaya, Ecuador
Producer  :  Galo Morales
Variety      :  Typica Mejorado / Sidra
Process     :  Anaerobic Washed
Altitude    :  1450 masl
Tasting Note of:
Peach | Honey | Floral

Galo Morales is changing the game in Ecuador. He is in a unique position as a third generation coffee producer, where he is the owner of exporter Sensum, working with multiple coffee producers and also owner of Finca Cruz Loma, where this Typica Mejorado / Sidra is grown.

On one side, Finca Cruz Loma, located in San José de Minas, has achieved a lot since it was founded in 2015, having placed 1st at Taza Dorada (2021), 2nd at Taza Dorada (2022) and 3rd at Cup of Excellence (2022). The farm is focusing on innovation and sustainability, pushing boundaries and showcasing to others what is possible in coffee within the region.

On the other side, at Sensum - a fairly new business having launched in 2019 and incorporated in 2021 - he looks to champion the same ethos, guaranteeing good quality, good prices and good service.

This particular lot was chosen for its high quality flavour profile, medium to light body and subtle complexity. It encapsulates Galo's ethos as well as highlighting a coffee region which is currently producing so much high quality coffee.

In the cup, you'll find flavour notes of peach and honey, with a floral flavour and aroma.

Pre-order Closing Date: 17th Sept
Tentative Arrival : 25th Sept

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