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Ditto Coffee



Origin       :  Narino, Colombia
Producer  :  Pablo Guerrero
Variety      :  Geisha
Process     :  Natural
Altitude    :  2220 masl
Tasting Note of:
Blueberry | Red Wine | Floral

Pablo brought Gesha seeds to El Obraje from Panama in 2011, starting with 2,000 trees. Four years later he planted other 7,000 trees. Gesha trees are planted at the distance of 3 meters between them to give their broad-stature branches room to grow.
Gesha cherries are selectively harvested when they are at full maturity and have a red-purple color. The climate and terrain of Obraje farm – situated near many volcanic mountains, with  rocky soil, rich with minerals – are major contributing factors to the unique cup profile of coffee grown here.

This Gesha lot coffee underwent Natural processing at the mill at El Obraje. All processing times vary according to the variables of climate at the time of harvest.

Pre-order Closing Date: 17th Sept
Tentative Arrival : 25th Sept

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